UCA Elsternwick

The first stage of the project required a strategic assessment of the UCA Elsternwick archives operations in order to identify their core objectives, issues and priorities.

A detailed review and analysis of the optimum operational model required to deliver the archive services were then undertaken and several detailed options were formulated.

Each option developed for the client offered a long-term, cost-effective solution for the physical archiving of assets that could be tested against the client’s core objectives and priorities.

A financially sustainable and improved archive operation service is delivered for the Uniting Church in Australia.

The preferred option identified by the client involved the relocation of the current archive collection to a special archive facility, a new research and processing facility and provided for the sale of the current premises to fund the operation well into the future.

To ensure the client’s objectives and priorities were matched to a deliverable outcome, the relocation options presented included clearly defined strategies and processes to enable the seamless re-housing of the archives operations, including financial costs and resources required to complete the relocation.

The final outcome for the UCA Elsternwick archives was a financially sustainable option that delivered a significantly improved archive service.