SEMZ are pleased to welcome our First Doxa Cadet – Ammar. The DOXA Cadetship program supports talented young people from challenging life circumstances to complete their University degree and gain the skills needed for an employable future.

Congratulations to Ammar on being chosen as SEMZ’s first Doxa Cadet. Originally from Afghanistan, Ammar made the journey to Australia alone at just 16 years of Age. Having completed his secondary education, Ammar is now studying Engineering at RMIT while supporting family back home.

With his optimistic outlook on life and bubbly personality, we enjoyed welcoming Ammar to the SEMZ team this week and we look forward to spending time mentoring and supporting him throughout the next three years of his studies.

As a Cadetship Program Partner, SEMZ plays a vital role in the cadet journey – one which many young Doxa cadets describe as life-changing. For us as a corporate partner and mentor, it’s a life-changing opportunity too! Doxa has engaged some incredibly talented young people this year and is always looking to engage new partners. All program participants are intelligent, focused undergraduates who have overcome significant disadvantage. To find out more about the program visit

Photo: Ammar with the SEMZ team