As a small business established just six years ago, we’ve grown holistically to meet the needs of our clients.  With a diverse team of over 20 talented professionals now on board, SEMZ constantly seeks out opportunities to support and develop our whole team.

At the core, SEMZ is about delivering great project outcomes for our clients. To consistently do so, we need to enable a strong culture of belonging where the whole team supports and thrives together.

SEMZ invests heavily in internal programs to foster and maintain such an environment, spanning from work with our Community Partners through to horizon expanding Ted Talk Tuesdays, weekly SEMZ fitness training sessions and the mind rewind mindful wellbeing program.

As a part of our commitment to improving company culture, SEMZ director Ken Santamaria recently attended  the 2018 Responsive Conference. The conference provided many and various panel discussions from global industry cultural leaders.  Delegates came from far and wide to learn about the future of work, organisation design and human development.  Conference take outs around diversity, creating an inclusive environment of belonging and thriving at work will inspire the roll out of future SEMZ internal programs, collectively building on the culture we are immensely proud of.

Reflecting on his experience at Responsive Conference, insights and time spent with thought leaders, Ken is reassured that what we’re doing here at SEMZ to create and maintain a positive culture is robust.   “We’re genuine when we say that we want SEMZ to be a great place to work, and a great team to work with.  I left the conference invigorated and inspired but more importantly, with renewed confidence that we have a great business at SEMZ where our corporate culture and care for our team members enables us to deliver consistently great work.”

Thanks to the team at Responsive conference for facilitating such an insightful, cutting edge event.

For more information on how we work, see the SEMZ vision and values on our website.