An estimated 50,000 rock posters were discovered by Sand Hill Road when they took over the semi-renovated Esplanade Hotel site in 2016.  Found in the middle lounge area of level two in what was an old hotel room, the posters were dumped in stacks and covered in dust.

Having spent countless hours at the Espy throughout its transformation, SEMZ Project Manager Declan Cashin remembers the moment this particular poster montage was chosen.

‘The Gershwin Room poster was selected by a lady who’s actually back working at the Espy since its re-opening.  A long time St Kilda local who worked alongside the Espy’s music scene years ago, she had a connection with the history of these posters.’

Taking the time to understand and peel back the layers of this history was key to the success of the Technē Architecture and Interior Design team in achieving the perfect balance between evoking the era of past lives and adding a modern touch.

It’s this attention to detail and commitment to the heritage of this St Kilda icon that has made the Espy revitalisation such a huge success.