Having worked with The Uniting Church in Australia (Synod of Vic/Tas), Uniting Victoria/Tasmania and the Wesley Church Congregation over recent years to structure the Development Agreement which made this project a reality, it’s fabulous to witness progress as this thriving Melbourne destination – Wesley Place – emerges.

With abundant green space and laneways weaving through the precinct, Wesley Place will provide the perfect environment for work, rest, reflection and play in the heart of the CBD. At the centre of the precinct, the focal point is Wesley Church, one of Melbourne’s finest and earliest examples of Gothic Revival styling.

With meticulous care, the process to preserve and restore the beautiful Wesley Church is underway. Painstaking work is being undertaken by Heritage Contractor HSR at significant heights to return this Melbourne icon to its former glory.

A recent discovery included this inscription (pictured) by a contractor in 1881 – hidden within the pinnacle stonework. Preserved for over 138 years, the inscription has been placed within the new stone in its original location.

The redevelopment plans place a high emphasis on creating new opportunities for the church to engage in city life, while respecting the importance of restoring and enhancing the historic buildings and honouring the site’s original custodians.

As the Uniting Church in Australia’s Development Project Manager, it’s amazing to see plans taking shape as this new Cultural Landmark emerges.