The SEMZ Project Management team are excited to be working with Merlin Entertainments again on the design and construction of a brand-new Ocean Invaders exhibit at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium.

This amazing new interactive $1.5 million jellyfish exhibition is on track to launch in December this year.

The initial stage of the project was completed earlier this year, involving establishment of the jellyfish breeding facility. The amazing staff at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium are currently successfully breeding the jellies ready for facility opening.

This sensory experience is spread over more than 300 square metres and will captivate guests with enormous displays of jellyfish, interactive activities, incredible lighting installations and educational facts about the gelatinous sea creatures.

Guests will be immersed in the beauty of a jellyfish invasion as they are surrounded by thousands of mesmerising creatures and spectacular lighting projections across multiple displays including an amazing spherical globe filled with swarming jellyfish.

The journey continues to The Jelly Lab where guests can discover strange facts about the jellyfish lifecycle and take a peek behind the scenes as SEA LIFE Melbourne staff tend to the blooms of these graceful (and sometimes dangerous) sea creatures.

Ocean Invaders will also educate guests about the causes behind the increasing population – or invasion – of certain species of jellyfish in our oceans and the actions people can take to limit these exponential and sometimes problematic population increases.

Having worked on the ‘Jellies’ project since conception, Caera Harter, SEMZ Project Co-ordinator, has enjoyed being a part of the creation of this unique and important exhibit.

It’s been such a fun, yet complex project to be a part of.  There are numerous specific requirements to integrate when working within a live environment – especially somewhere as complex as an aquarium! The jelly fish are incredibly beautiful, with so many varieties – some are quite weird! It’s not just jellyfish in tanks, there are clever interactive elements to encourage lots of interaction with really engaging visual elements.  I can’t wait to see the public reaction when the exhibit opens.  Kids (and adults) are going to love it!’