As project Manager and Development Manager for Emery Group’s Kirra Gardens residences in leafy Camberwell, it’s exciting to see plans finalised for a Melbourne man purchasing three penthouse apartments for over $7M to merge the three in to one giant penthouse.

In collaboration with the purchasing family, the project team from C.Kairouz Architects have worked through designs with the goal of tailoring an apartment over 400sqm to deliver the family’s dream home.

The process has resulted in plans for a luxurious home on the top floor with features including a theatre, pool, sewing room, studies, and gym.

Kirra Gardens will comprise a series of two- and three-bedroom units – and now a huge penthouse, in a greenery-draped complex designed with luxury in mind.

The sprawling home combines both private and peaceful rooms as well as spaces designed to promote “togetherness” for the family.

With site demolition well underway, we look forward to construction commencing soon with Samssons Projects.