Congratulations to Decjuba, Figurehead Construction and Jackson Clements Burrows, on celebrating the topping out ceremony of Decjuba’s Cremorne Head Office on Friday.

Marking the occasion with a beautiful Australian Gum tree in line with the building’s use of Cross Laminate Timber (CLT), we gathered to honor and celebrate this important milestone in construction.

SEMZ is in the process of delivering Decjuba’s new home aiming to achieve a 5 Star Green Star Rating. Under the guidance of SEMZ accredited Green Star professionals Sophia Palmer and Alex Lawrenson, Figurehead Construction is working towards the below list of Green Star Points.

  • Responsible Procurement – Credit Achievement
  • Responsible Structure – Exceptional Performance
  • Clean Air – Credit Achievement
  • Upfront Carbon Emissions – Exceptional Performance

The building design carefully considers its urban context and as Project Manager, SEMZ is responsible for the project meeting the objectives for an engaged social, environmental and sustainable design outcome.

As part of the Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) initiative and Green Star aspirations, the development is adopting a concrete and CLT hybrid approach to the structural component. CLT is a green and sustainable material made from renewable wood.  CLT sequesters carbon and does not require the burning of fossil fuels during production. SEMZ have managed the Head Contractor procuring Green Concrete for the 5 Star Green Star Office Development aiming to lower embodied carbon in the building materials and achieve the relevant Green Star points. Furthermore, SEMZ worked with the design team to develop a hybrid structural design with incorporation of a Cross Laminated Timber floor system and Glue Laminated columns integrated into a concrete stair and lift core.

To ensure ongoing sustainability across the entire project lifecycle, key handover documentation as collated by SEMZ throughout design and construction will be crucial for facilities management procedure. Delivering this to the Client will ensure that key procedures for sustainable building elements are understood and implemented during occupancy.

With topping out achieved we’re excited to see this sustainable office building coming together and look forward to providing updates on more construction milestones soon.