Project Information

The Rosanna development site is a rectangular site of 1,309 square metres located to the east side of Beetham Parade in Rosanna. The site forms part of the wider station precinct and a joint Planning Scheme amendment and planning permit process is currently underway to rezone the land and facilitate a mixed use development comprising ground level commercial uses with residential apartments above. The site boundary is outlined in red below.

Rosanna development location

The proposed development will comprise 71 apartments over six levels and associated basement car parking. The apartment mix comprises 12 one-bedroom apartments, 54 two-bedroom apartments and 5 three-bedroom apartments.

The ground floor comprises one café / restaurant and nine commercial units proposed to be sold as strata offices. The development will also include a basement for 55 carparks in car stackers and a communal area to the roof top.


Indicative renders for the proposed project are shown below:

Indicative renders depicting views from Hillside Road are shown below:

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Proposed Development
Proposed building height

The subject site is located to the south of several mixed-use developments of between 3-4 levels, these buildings are all mixed-use in nature with commercial and retail uses to the street level and apartments to the upper levels.

Designs for the 7 level development have been carefully planned, with the uppermost level set back between 5 to 8 meters, providing street level views of planters, which are integrated as part of the building façade.

The site has no immediate interface to other sensitive uses and viewed at a lower level relative to the residential area to the west, given the hilly topography of Rosanna.

The proposed development presents a unique opportunity to support state and local government planning policy, providing housing diversity and vibrant living spaces around Melbourne’s major transport hubs. At a local level, the development continues the growth of the Rosanna Neighbourhood Centre and the local economy.

Effect on local traffic

The proposed development is situated at the junction of train and bus services as well as bike paths, reducing the need of new residents to own and use a vehicle.

Traffic studies have informed the development, with minimal disruption to existing traffic conditions. This was supported through local planning controls which guide reduced parking for developments close to public transport.

The development also offers generous provision of bicycle parking well above the requirements of the Planning Scheme to ensure that bicycles are encouraged as a mode of non-car-based transport by residents and business staff. Car share options are also being investigated to see whether this is a suitable option outcome based on demand and viability.

The lower level of car parking on the site results in lower peak hour traffic movements on the local road network.

Loading activities associated with deliveries to the commercial tenancies will be minimal and can be undertaken via smaller trucks and vans which can utilise nearby on-street parking, while residential loading can occur on-street from time to time, associated typically with removalists.

Safety / Graffiti

Safety of the residents and occupants is of the utmost importance. Entrance to the apartments is via a central lobby, readily visible from Beetham Parade. The east and west elevation contain balconies and habitable room windows, providing passive surveillance to the station precinct and Beetham Parade respectively. Upper-level windows also provide opportunities for surveillance of the pedestrian link to the north and the station access road to the south.

The building also proposes an art/graffiti wall on the ground floor southern elevation to deter further graffiti / tagging.

Waste Management

A Waste Management Plan will be in place. Residential and commercial waste collection will be managed by a private contractor with collections taking place from the communal bin room within the basement. Separate waste and recycling chutes provide for convenient disposal for residents of the upper-level apartments. These arrangements are practical and reflect good practice in the management of waste in mixed use developments.

What will be the ground floor business tenancy profile?

The ground floor retail / commercial tenancies will be suitable for a restaurant / cafe and service-based tenants i.e. accountancy, solicitors and other small business owners.

Planning Process - General
What is assessed as part of this planning scheme amendment and permit application?

The proposed planning provisions seek to:

  • Rezone the site from Public Use Zone 4 (Transport) (PUZ4) to Commercial 1 Zone (C1Z)

The proposed permit application seeks:

  • A two-lot subdivision to create the new lot
  • Development of the land for a 7-storey commercial and residential building, plus basement parking
  • Reduction in development car parking requirements
  • Removal of two trees

Copies of the proposed planning scheme amendment and permit application documents are at

How can I make a submission on the proposed planning scheme amendment and permit application?

Public submissions on the proposed development are being administered by Planning Panels Victoria through the Engage Vic website.

Submissions should be lodged online through

Planning Panels Victoria will accept written submissions sent by post, however these must be accompanied by a completed and signed submission coversheet. For more information on mailing address and to request a coversheet, call Planning Panels Victoria on (03) 8508 2691.

Where can I get more information?

The proposed planning scheme amendment and permit application documents can be viewed online at Documents include:

  • A planning report which describes the site and explains the proposed planning controls.
  • The proposed provisions (C1Z).
  • Plans and illustrations of the proposed development.
  • The proposed planning permit and plan of subdivision.
  • Various technical reports.

If you have questions about the site and the proposed planning changes, contact the project team on phone (03) 9663 5505 or email

If you have questions about the Advisory Committee process, contact Planning Panels Victoria on (03) 8508 2691 or email

Any other questions can be directed to the Government Land Planning Service at

Construction Impact

Upon builder appointment, detailed Construction Management Plan and Communications and Engagement Plan will be provided prior to construction commencing. These plans will take into consideration construction items including but not limited to:

  • Construction Methodology and sequencing of the Site Works
  • Any temporary and altered access arrangements for building users
  • Noise emissions from construction zones
  • Visual impacts of construction equipment such as scaffolding, man and pump lines and crane towers
  • Any disruptive works to the local streets / business

Contact Information

If you have any further questions or concerns that are not addressed in the FAQ section, you can contact the developer on